Josh Barnett Offers to Bring Discipline and Resolve Conflict in Tony Khan’s Organization

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Former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Josh Barnett, has offered his assistance to AEW owner Tony Khan in maintaining order and resolving conflicts within the company’s locker room. In a recent social media post, Barnett expressed his willingness to take on the role of establishing discipline and reigning in the chaos.

The controversy surrounding the AEW locker room has been resolved with the termination of CM Punk, as reported by Wrestling Headlines. However, Barnett believes that there is still a need for someone to keep things in order. He stated, “Just a thought: Seems like the AEW locker room is in need of someone to establish some order and reign in the chaos. If Tony needs someone to keep discipline and sort out conflict, I’d be willing to take the job. I can promise you there won’t be random fights and anyone asking me if I’d like to, ‘Take it outside.'”

Barnett’s offer comes as no surprise to wrestling fans who are familiar with his involvement in the wrestling industry. He is best known for launching the Bloodsport events with GCW and has achieved victories over notable competitors such as Jon Moxley and Minoru Suzuki.

If Tony Khan decides to take Barnett up on his offer, it could potentially bring a new level of stability to the AEW locker room. Barnett’s experience as a former UFC Champion and his success in organizing wrestling events make him a prime candidate for the role.

While the AEW locker room controversy has been resolved, it is always beneficial to have someone who can maintain order and address conflicts before they escalate. With Barnett’s offer, Tony Khan now has the opportunity to bring in a respected figure who can ensure a harmonious working environment for the wrestlers.

It remains to be seen whether Tony Khan will accept Barnett’s offer, but if he does, it could have a positive impact on the overall atmosphere within AEW. Having someone like Barnett, who is respected in both the wrestling and MMA worlds, could help foster a sense of professionalism and unity among the talent.

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