Jim Ross: AEW Collision Brings a Refreshingly Calm Atmosphere, Unlike the Explosive Vibes of Dynamite!

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Jim Ross, legendary wrestling commentator and AEW talent, recently shared his thoughts on the atmosphere at AEW Collision, the company’s newest program. During an episode of his “Grillin JR podcast,” Ross described the Collision experience as being much calmer compared to AEW Dynamite.

According to Ross, the smaller roster and crew size at Collision contribute to a more relaxed environment. He believes that the talents have more time to work on their matches and that the atmosphere overall is enjoyable and fun.

“The atmosphere at Collision, in my opinion, is entirely different than the mindset and the atmosphere at Dynamite. There’s less people, less crew, less talents, so it’s a lot calmer. I think the talents have more time to work their matches out. It’s just a different atmosphere, and it’s a good atmosphere. Always fun. Good seeing the talents. We got a good crew going,” Ross stated.

Ross also mentioned that AEW President Tony Khan and CM Punk played significant roles in assembling the roster for Collision. He praised the talents on the show, emphasizing their motivation and the fact that they feel empowered to make a difference.

“I think Punk and Tony Khan pretty much put that roster together, and I like it. That’s good talents. They’re motivated. They like the ownership of that show and the fact that they can make a difference, and I think that’s cool. All good, man. I’m looking to it. I enjoy being around the talent,” Ross added.

AEW Collision, which debuted in June, has been receiving positive feedback from both fans and industry insiders. The show’s unique vibe, created by the smaller roster and crew, has contributed to its success. With talents who are motivated and determined to make an impact, Collision offers a refreshing experience for wrestling enthusiasts.

Jim Ross’s return to the commentary booth on last Saturday’s Collision was particularly special. After being absent for two months due to illness, Ross expressed how much fun he had calling the action. Wrestling Headlines covered his return, and you can read more about it here.

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