Jeff Hardy’s License Suspended for 10 Years, Update on 2022 DUI Case

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Jeff Hardy’s June 2022 DUI case from Volusia County, Florida is now closed, and he will serve no jail time.

The case was closed on Thursday as Hardy submitted a written plea of nolo contendere to all charges. His license will be suspended for 10 years, and he received 38 days credit for time served in county jail.

A nolo contendere plea is where a defendant agrees to accept punishment for a crime, but does not accept or deny responsibility.

Volusia County Court records show that Hardy received a sentence of 38 days of jail time credit for time served, a 10 year suspension of his license, probation for 2 years, $4,586 in fines and court fees, a 90 day impoundment of his car, two years of an interlock device on his car, community service, and court-mandated DUI school or a drug rehab program.

Hardy’s attorney filed a motion to suppress his Intoxilyzer test results this week as unreliable, claiming that the device used was not properly inspected by the Florida Highway Patrol the month before the arrest, which would be in violation of a Florida Department of Law Enforcement statute that says all such equipment must be inspected at least once each calendar month. It was also claimed that the equipment used had significant signs of unreliability during tests and inspections, but was never fixed or removed from circulation.

Hardy originally plead not guilty and faced up to 5 years in prison for the main felony DUI charge. As we’ve noted, Hardy was arrested back on Monday, June 13, 2022 in Volusia County, Florida, and charged second degree misdemeanor Driving While License Canceled/Suspended/Revoked, second degree misdemeanor Violation of Restrictions Placed on Drivers License, and third degree felony DUI Alcohol/Drugs Third Offense within 10 Years. He blew a 0.294 and a 0.291, which is far above the legal limit of .08 in Florida. He was bonded out of jail that evening, and it was later reported that he entered a rehab facility on Tuesday, June 21. AEW President Tony Khan announced back in June of last year that Jeff was suspended indefinitely, and without pay. Khan noted that the suspension will stand until Hardy underwent treatment and is able to maintain sobriety. Khan added in late June that Jeff was doing much better following the arrest.

There is no word yet on Hardy’s pro wrestling future.

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