Ilja Dragunov Reveals Why He’s Not Eager to Make WWE Main Roster Debut

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Ilja Dragunov, the former NXT United Kingdom Champion, recently expressed his contentment with remaining in the NXT brand and his lack of urgency to join the WWE main roster. In a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, Dragunov explained why he is in no rush to leave NXT and why he finds joy in the unpredictability of his current journey.

When asked about the possibility of a main roster call-up, Dragunov responded, “That’s a good question and I get these questions often in interviews and this is always about having a specific goal. I have no opinion on this. So, on the other side, I would say if I would stay in NXT for a while, it’s nothing that makes me unhappy because I’m not in a rush. I’ve entirely enjoyed the journey, I entirely enjoy not always knowing everything and just seeing everything in front of me, being surprised, being challenged. The surprise of life in all this journey is the most precious thing to me because if I could know everything, it would just be like goal after goal after goal. That’s not what art is all about.”

Dragunov’s statement reflects his appreciation for the process and the artistic aspect of professional wrestling. He finds fulfillment in the unknown and the continuous growth that comes with it. While some wrestlers may be eager for a main roster call-up, Dragunov values the present moment and the opportunities that NXT provides.

Since signing with WWE in 2019, Dragunov has become one of NXT’s most prominent stars. He has showcased his skills in the ring and has even achieved the rare feat of cleanly defeating GUNTHER under the WWE banner. Recently, he challenged Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Championship but fell short in his pursuit of the title.

Dragunov’s decision to stay in NXT aligns with his desire to continue honing his craft and embracing the surprises that come with it. His dedication to the art of professional wrestling is evident, and his journey in NXT has allowed him to showcase his talent and engage in compelling storylines.

As Dragunov continues to make an impact in NXT, fans can look forward to witnessing his growth and evolution as a performer. His commitment to the brand and his passion for the art form will undoubtedly contribute to memorable moments and matches in the future.

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