Hulk Hogan Reflects on His Careers Speed Bump: Addresses Racial Stuff

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WWE has now officially reinstated Hogan back into the WWE Hall of Fame.

WWE has officially reinstated Hulk Hogan into the WWE Hall of Fame after he was fired in 2015 for racist comments he made on a sex tape. Prior to his reinstatement, WWE had brought Hogan back into the company for one of their Saudi Arabia shows and celebrated his return. reports. Hulk Hogan responded by saying that he was more concerned about how his words affected the people around him. He also said that he has taken accountability for his actions and that he has changed.

Hulk Hogan expressed remorse over his past racist comments, saying he was more concerned about how his words affected people close to him and that he has taken accountability for his actions and changed. He also mentioned his multiple apologies, which were met with criticism, and his speaking roles in WWE programming, particularly as a host of WrestleMania 37. Am I gonna be able to come back? And I did. That was my real comeback, when I came back and started wrestling again. That was the biggest obstacle.”

Hulk Hogan speaks of the “goodwill” of his brand, as well as how his surgeries and racial issues were a “speed bump” in his career. He credits his comeback to wrestling as the biggest obstacle he overcame. Hulk Hogan’s Website and WWE’s Hulk Hogan Page provide more insight into his career. Hulk Hogan downplays his racist remarks while crediting himself for overcoming adversity and falsely claiming everyone knew he wasn’t racist. Bret Hart publicly stated he hoped Hogan never returned to WWE, despite Hogan’s claims of support from him. Hulk Hogan has expressed his regret at using the legdrop as his signature move in professional wrestling, as it has caused him back problems. He suggested that he should have used a sleeper hold instead. This regret was expressed in an interview with journalist Ariel Helwani. Read more about his response here: Cage Side Seats and CNet for further information.

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