GUNTHER Reveals Surprising Opinion on Promos in WWE – You Won’t Believe What He Said!

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GUNTHER, the dominant wrestler and record-breaking Intercontinental Champion, recently opened up about his feelings towards cutting promos in a recent interview with Post Wrestling. While he admits that he was never a big fan of promos, he acknowledges that being under the WWE banner has pushed him to work on that aspect of his game and he now finds it enjoyable.

During the interview, GUNTHER expressed his preference for the in-ring action rather than the talking aspect of wrestling. He states, “I was never the biggest fan myself personally of a lot of talking, a lot of promos, and stuff like that because I’ve always loved and enjoyed the sports aspect of everything. But it’s part of the deal in WWE and it’s sports entertainment, it’s what we do. I think at the moment we do it at a very high level. And I do my part in it, and it’s actually very fun to do.”

GUNTHER, who had previously competed all over the world before signing with WWE in 2019, knew that eventually, he would have to make the move to the United States. He recognized that wrestling had the biggest following in the US and the timing for his decision to relocate was perfect. He shared, “To be honest, I always kind of had it in the back of my head that at one point I would have to make a step over to the US because that’s where wrestling is the biggest. But I feel like I waited it out, the timing on making that decision was very good, so everything fell in place at the right time.”

Triple H, a prominent figure in WWE, recently took to social media to acknowledge GUNTHER’s historic Intercontinental Championship reign. The details of Triple H’s praise can be found on Wrestling Headlines.

GUNTHER’s journey in the WWE has been impressive, and his willingness to adapt and improve on all aspects of his wrestling game, including cutting promos, is a testament to his dedication to the craft. Fans can expect to see GUNTHER continue to excel in the ring and on the mic as he continues his record-breaking run as the Intercontinental Champion.

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