Guerreros, Ingobernables advance to Chiba tag final

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Sunday final set

Night three of Fantasticamania on February 24 would see the tour head to Osaka, and the sold out municipal gymnasium seeing the first round of an interfaction mini tournament.

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The first tournament bout would see the Los Dulces Atrapasue?os team of Rey Cometa and Dulce Gardenia take on Los Ingobernables De Japon’s BUSHI and Titan. Titan would start the bout with Cometa, throwing his shirt aside to the delight of Dulce, who had to go to his corner to cool off. Still, it was Titan sweating early as Cometa came out on the upper hand of their exchange, and as he spilled to the floor, BUSHI took on Gardenia.

Infatuated with BUSHI, Gardenia instantly went for a lip lock, but settled for luring the masked man into a tango. An escalada was ill advised however, and Gardenia was cotched over the ropes as LIJ took over. After a long period of control, it would be Cometa coming to his partner’s aid though, and the veteran served up a Gardenia tope con giro before landing his own spectacular tornillo to the floor.

A combination of punishing offence and harassment of a different nature would be broken by a Titan thrust kick, and a double team dropkick would follow. As the match broke down, a springboard splash got a near two for Titan, before he and Cometa entered into a frenzied chop exchange; a tope suicida would clear both from the ring, and BUSHI set Gardenia up for Angel Inmortal and the win.

The main event saw Los Depredadores- Volador Jr. and Magia Blanca- take on the uncomfortable bedfellows of Los Guerreros Incre?bles de la Atl?ntida in Atlantis Jr. and Ultimo Guerrero. Ultimo Guerrero would start with one time protege Blanca, who stretched the ‘big boss’ but got countered into a knee bar. The two went back and forth with intricate llave counters until Guerrero teased a handshake; this was a step too far for Blanca to buy into, and tags were made both sides to the juniors Volador and Atlantis.

As Guerrero took care of Blanca on the floor, Atlantis gained the advantage in the ring, and Volador was hung up to dry on a double team dropkick in the ropes. Magia would have better luck however, and a double tope con giro would see the momentum swing in favour of Los Depredadores. Now with Atlantis on the back foot, a back cracker scored to the masked man, but Ultimo Guerrero would turn the tide on Volador, a front suplex off the second getting two.

A second trip to the well worked rather less effectively for Ultimo, who found himself caught with a hurricanrana out the corner. Yet the Big Boss’ power was undeniable and a superplex brought Volador over the ropes from the apron, crashing to the corner. Needing to make moves for his side, Magia Blanca landed a perfect tornillo to Guerrero, but Volador was still in trouble. He would land a tope con giro to Atlantis, but Blanca couldn’t overcome Ultimo. After a perfectly placed kick launched the masked man into the corner, the Ultimo Guerrero Special led to three.


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