Gangrel Reveals He Maintains Solid Relationship With Edge and Christian

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We just kind of said hello, chatted it up, talked a little bit.”

Gangrel discussed his relationship with Edge and Christian on Steve Fall’s The Ten Count. Rumors of a Brood reunion at WrestleMania were false. He stays in contact with Edge regularly but not Christian as much – the two were recently in the same place at the Squared Circle Expo. Read More, Watch the Interview. He stated that he talks more frequently with Edge, but he has a good relationship with both of them and he plans to have a seminar with Christian for CCW in the future. Gangrel Says He Still Has Good Relationships With Edge and Christian, with the former WWE star discussing his relationship with the two former world champions. He talks about having a good relationship with both Edge and Christian and plans to do a seminar with Christian for CCW in the future. ”

Gangrel recently denied rumors of Brood (Edge and Christian) reunion at WrestleMania. He says he remains in contact with Edge, but not as frequently with Christian. He was recently with Christian at the Squared Circle Expo in Indianapolis. He also added that Christian is likely to do a seminar for CCW in the future. [Link1]( [Link2]( Gangrel spoke about potentially returning to WWE for WrestleMania 36, saying it was a possibility. He admitted that while he has not had any talks with the company yet, he would not be opposed to such an opportunity. He also discussed how he has been keeping busy with various projects like his YouTube channel and streaming. (H/T and transcribed by [Wrestling Inc](

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