Gail Kim Says There Were A Lot Of Nerves Backstage Prior To Big IMPACT Title Match

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IMPACT Hall of Famer Gail Kim recently spoke with WrestlingNews.Co about the Hard To Kill 2023 Knockouts Title match between Jordynne Grace and Mickie James, a match that James would win to begin her fifth reign with the title.

Kim revealed that there were a lot of nerves felt backstage prior to the match because no one knew what was going to happen. She goes on to call James a legend, a woman she has the utmost respect for. She adds that Grace is one of the best female wrestlers in the game at the moment. Check out her full thoughts below.

Her thoughts on James vs. Grace from Hard To Kill:

I think everyone was feeling a little nervous. I think everyone really didn’t know what was gonna happen. It was incredible to hear the fans’ responses before and after, and Lisa Marie [Victoria] being there was a special guest. There were so many special things that happened at Hard To Kill, but yes, I think the main event definitely delivered on every level, in terms of the match, in terms of the storyline, in terms of the emotions for the fans, for the wrestlers, for everyone involved, for Mickie especially. Just to see her career, for us, it’s gone by in the blink of an [eye], but to see Alexis Laree turn into Mickie James, who she is today, and to see them main event, this is Mickie’s second time main-eventing a pay-per-view, that was incredible to watch. I love Mickie. I have nothing but the utmost respect for her. To see her, how far she’s come and what she’s accomplished to this day, I can identify with her in a lot of ways, in terms of her questioning whether she’s still got it and her wanting to prove to the fans that she’s still got it, and to win the title back again, it’s incredible to see.

How she believes Jordynne Grace is one of the best female wrestlers in the industry:

You couldn’t ask for a better opponent than Jordynne Grace to question whether Mickie’s career was gonna continue. Jordynne Grace is a dominant force right now. She is one of the best female wrestlers out there currently, all across the board, in the entire industry, whether you talk about other companies as well, she’s up there. To see how much she has evolved throughout the last couple years, from the moment that she came into our company, and how much she has grown, for me, as a producer, as someone who cares about the women’s division with all my heart, to see someone grow like that and evolve, it’s truly just so, if I can’t have satisfaction for my own career, this is really what gives me true happiness and satisfaction is to watch these other women and other wrestlers evolve and grow into something great. Jordynne has become great. I remember telling her one thing, which she did, and I was like, ‘Did you see that? Did you see how the fans reacted?’ To see that now, it’s like a proud mama moment for both of them.

Kim’s full interview can be found below.

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