Former WWE Superstars Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee Reveal Shocking Plans for Epic Feud with the Bella Twins

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Former WWE Superstars Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee, known as the IIconics in WWE and the IInspiration in IMPACT, recently discussed a missed opportunity for a major feud during their appearance on the “Off Her Chops” podcast.

According to the former women’s tag team champions, they were set to have a feud with the legendary Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, shortly after winning the women’s tag team titles at WrestleMania 35. However, the program ultimately fell through for reasons they later explained.

In the podcast, Cassie Lee mentioned that they had heard about the potential feud through the grapevine, but it was confirmed by the Bellas themselves. Jessica McKay added that she still had the direct message from the Bellas about the planned storyline. They both agreed that they didn’t know about it immediately after winning the titles, but it was supposed to continue until SummerSlam, making it a long-term program.

Unfortunately, the feud did not materialize, and McKay revealed that Nikki Bella had mentioned that she wasn’t cleared to wrestle full-time for four months. While the exact reason for her clearance issue was not specified, McKay reflected on the missed opportunity and how it could have changed their careers significantly.

The IIconics, now known as the IInspiration, expressed their admiration for the Bella Twins, stating that they were a women’s tag team they looked up to. They believed that a feud with the Bellas would have been a fun and memorable experience.

This revelation from Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee sheds light on what could have been an exciting storyline in WWE. The clash between the IInspiration and the Bella Twins, two highly popular and talented teams, could have been a highlight of the women’s division.

While the missed feud is undoubtedly disappointing for both teams and their fans, it’s important to remember that things happen for a reason in the world of professional wrestling. Despite the missed opportunity, the IInspiration has moved on and continued to make an impact in IMPACT Wrestling.

As reported by Wrestling Headlines, Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee’s discussion about the missed feud with the Bella Twins can be heard on their “Off Her Chops” podcast.

It’s always fascinating to hear about the behind-the-scenes plans and potential storylines that never come to fruition in the wrestling industry. Fans can only imagine the excitement and anticipation that could have surrounded a feud between the IInspiration and the Bella Twins.

While we may never see this dream feud become a reality, the IInspiration continues to entertain fans with their in-ring skills and charisma. Who knows what other exciting opportunities await them in the future?

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