Foley has very good advice for Bálor ahead of his first Hell in a Cell

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Mick Foley has been in four Hell in a Cell matches, including perhaps the most famous (and/or infamous) one of all time against The Undertaker at 1998’s King of the Ring PPV in Pittsburgh.

Finn Bálor has been in zero Hell in a Cell matches, but is set to face Edge in the demonic structure at WrestleMania 39 in just a couple of weeks.

So it makes sense the Irishman would turn to Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy for some advice before he heads to Southern California to face Mick’s fellow WWE Hall of Famer.

Any advice Mick @foleyispod ?

— Finn Bálor (@FinnBalor) March 15, 2023

Nice Guy Foley wouldn’t leave a guy hanging, even if he’s currently acting like a big jerk like the rest of The Judgement Day crew.

Hello Finn, This is Mick!

Remember, you are asking a guy who has never actually won one of these.

Probably best to study every single thing I did in my #HIAC matches…and then do the exact opposite.

When in doubt, use the abs.

— Mick Foley (@foleyispod) March 15, 2023

As Mick points out, he’s 0-4 in Hell in a Cell matches. So while he could may be provide some tips for surviving at ‘Mania (and even that’s debatable), if Finn wants advice on how to win a Hell in a Cell… might we suggest the man who sent Mick off and through the cage? Undertaker is 8-6 in them over his legendary career. Better yet, why not check with his boss, Triple H? The Game hasn’t been in quite as many, but his record is a little better (6-3)?

But really, Foley’s given him all the pointers he needs. Particularly the bit about the abs.


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