Fans Ask: Who is the Real Culprit Behind the Bloodlines Demise?

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Some fans have theorized that this was the cause of the current decline in the team’s fortunes.

The Bloodline has been in a state of decline recently, leading some fans to speculate that Roman Reigns’ outburst at the Usos on this week’s SmackDown may have caused the team’s issues. Kind Of? Reigning Champion Breaks Title Record (It’s A Big Complicated) This week on SmackDown reignited the speculation. After iBeast’s post on Twitter, professional wrestling fans reacted by debating who was the real villain in the story. Some pointed to Zayn, while others argued Reigns was to blame. Two of the best reactions can be found in this Bleacher Report article and this Cageside Seats article. This article highlights the issues the Bloodline has dealt with over their career, from the controversial departure of Zayn to the team’s current struggles. It also provides 2 links to relevant content about the team’s journey. net/breaking-news/bloodlines-trouble-zayn-reigns-theory-gets-real/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Previous | Next

The Bloodline is in trouble and Zayn may be partly responsible. Share your thoughts in the comments and share on Facebook! You can find more from Thomas Hall at and his Amazon author page. Get the latest rumors with the Wrestling Rumors daily newsletter. net/tommyhall/kind-reigning-champion-breaks-title-record-big-complicated/”>

A reigning champion recently broke a professional wrestling title record that is complicated in nature. WWE accidentally advertised Roman Reigns, resulting in a lot of tickets being sold. Steve Austin also praised Pat McAfee for having a natural feel for the business.

This article summarizes recent developments in professional wrestling, including a reigning champion breaking a complicated title record, WWE advertising Roman Reigns and resulting in a lot of tickets being sold, and Steve Austin’s praise of Pat McAfee.
Reigning champion breaks title record, WWE advertises Roman Reigns, and Steve Austin praises Pat McAfee for his natural feel for the business are recent developments in professional wrestling described in this article. net/tommyhall/hes-not-mick-foley-reveals-turning-suggested-spot-jimmy-kimmel-live/”>

This article discusses recent wrestling-related news, with a focus on Mick Foley turning down a spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live, AEW Rampage Results from May 19, 2023, WWE Smackdown TV Taping Results from 5/26/23, and a review of Backlash 2008. Additionally, there is a mention of Triple H shining a light on a WWE star with an impending big push. Mick Foley Reveals Turning Down Suggested Spot On Jimmy Kimmel Live, WWE Smackdown TV Taping Results For 5/26/23. net/tag/wwe/”>WWE

A 38 year-old former WWE personality has announced their retirement, while a WWE star is planning a hiatus despite their recent return. Fans are debating the real villain of the Bloodline’s collapse. Two hyperlinks: A 38 year-old former WWE personality has announced their retirement – Retirement; while a WWE star is planning a hiatus despite their recent return – Hiatus. WWE superstars Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn have ignited a fan debate on Twitter about which of them is the villain in their current storyline. Follow this link for more details on the debate and its implications for the future of the WWE. [Roman Reigns]( [Sami Zayn](

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