Exclusive Insider Scoop on WWE’s Upcoming Strategy for Nia Jax

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Big news in the world of professional wrestling as Nia Jax is set to receive a push following her return to WWE. Jax made her comeback during Monday’s RAW main event in Norfolk, VA, and made a huge impact.

During the match, Jax took out Raquel Rodriguez at ringside, allowing WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley to finish her off and retain the title. But Jax wasn’t done there. She then turned her attention to Ripley and delivered a devastating Bonsai Drop, leaving the champion reeling. As RAW went off the air, Jax posed to boos from the crowd and blew kisses, making it clear that she is back and ready to make an impact.

This exciting development has been reported by WrestleVotes, who have noted that Jax is now positioned as the number two heel on the women’s division side of the official RAW roster. This means that she has overtaken Zoey Stark and WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus to claim the spot. However, the number one spot still belongs to Ripley, the current Women’s World Champion.

This news is sure to excite fans and raise questions about what Jax’s push will entail. Will she be challenging Ripley for the title? Or will she have other rivals in her sights? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – Jax’s return has shaken up the women’s division and added a new level of excitement to WWE programming.

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That’s all for now, wrestling fans. Keep an eye on Nia Jax as she embarks on her push and see how far she can go in the women’s division. Exciting times ahead!

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