Exclusive: Former Impact Wrestling Star Trinity Reveals All About Her Time in the Company

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Muscle Man Malcolm recently interviewed Impact Wrestling Knockouts World Champion Trinity for a new interview where she talked about a wide range of topics. Here are the highlights.

Working in Impact:

“I’m so happy and I’m in such a good place. I feel that I’m getting these incredible opportunities and I’m working through them week by week. I feel that my confidence is growing and I’m improving. I’m really excited and feel very fulfilled and rewarding, getting all these different matchups. I think it’s helping me grow better as a wrestler, as a performer, as a competitor having so many different opponents here in IMPACT and learning everyone’s different styles. It’s really been an incredible journey and also to just be away from all that I’ve known in this wrestling world in the way I came in and to just be in something just so different, away from my husband away from, you know, my other friends and support systems. It’s been an incredible journey of growth for me and I’m very happy about it.”

Her relationship with the promotion:

“I think it’s a very trusting relationship and I feel heard. I feel valued. I feel seen. I feel respected and I’m very thankful for that.”

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Impact Wrestling Knockouts World Champion Trinity recently sat down for an interview with Muscle Man Malcolm to discuss her experience working in Impact Wrestling. Trinity expressed her happiness and fulfillment in the promotion, highlighting the incredible opportunities and growth she has experienced.

Trinity spoke about how working in Impact has allowed her to face a variety of opponents and learn different wrestling styles, which has contributed to her growth as a wrestler, performer, and competitor. She expressed excitement and gratitude for the chance to step away from her familiar wrestling world and embrace something different.

Regarding her relationship with the promotion, Trinity described it as trusting and supportive. She feels heard, valued, seen, and respected by Impact Wrestling, which has contributed to her positive experience in the company.

This interview provides fans with insight into Trinity’s journey and the impact Impact Wrestling has had on her career. As the current Knockouts World Champion, Trinity’s perspective offers a unique glimpse into the behind-the-scenes workings of the promotion.

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