Eric Bischoff Reveals AEW’s Game-Changing Move: Dennis Rodman’s Arrival & The Significance of All In

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Former WCW President Eric Bischoff recently shared his thoughts on various topics during an episode of his popular podcast, 83 Weeks. Among the subjects discussed were All Elite Wrestling (AEW) bringing in former NBA star Dennis Rodman for recent appearances and the significance of AEW’s inaugural event, All In.

When asked whether All In could be remembered as a major show like WrestleMania 3, Bischoff responded with cautious optimism. He acknowledged that the potential for All In to achieve such status exists, but emphasized the challenge of maintaining momentum. Bischoff stated, “Creating momentum is the easy part, but maintaining it and building upon it is an entirely different thing.” He expressed his hope for AEW to succeed in this regard.

Regarding AEW’s decision to involve Dennis Rodman, Bischoff expressed his admiration for the former basketball player. He praised Rodman’s intelligence and predicted that he would deliver when the spotlight was on. While Bischoff did not witness Rodman’s appearances firsthand, he expressed his happiness for Rodman and his belief that Rodman could contribute positively to AEW.

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