embarrassed to go to the hospital Goldberg Accidentally Injures Himself at Home, Too Embarrassed to Seek Medical Help

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com/2017/1/25/14368126/goldberg-injured-wwe-royal-rumble-2017-raw-promo-head-bump-locker-room” target=”_blank”>confirmed that was exactly what happened.

This content discusses the 2017 Royal Rumble go home edition of Raw, when Goldberg had a promo and was bleeding from the forehead. It is speculated that he head-butted a locker door as part of his pre-appearance ritual, which he himself later confirmed. Goldberg Confirmed Injury and Speculation of Injury . Goldberg revealed he was concussed in his match with The Undertaker at Super ShowDown 2019. He had previously retired the ritual of giving himself a headbutt before a match, but brought it back before the match in question and was “a bit loopy” during it. He also mentioned hitting a different turnbuckle than WWE usually uses on Raw or SmackDown. Goldberg Retiring Headbutt & Goldberg Explaining Match. Bill Goldberg, former professional wrestler, suffered a bloody head wound while getting work done on his property when he accidentally knocked his head on his tractor. He plans to simply Super Glue the wound shut. TMZ Sports reported on the incident. WWE legend Goldberg recently posted a photo of himself covered in blood after a tractor accident. He is ok and has confirmed that the injury was nothing serious. He joked about the incident and is currently waiting for news about his retirement match. Hyperlinks with anchor texts: 1)Waiting on word – https://www.cagesideseats.com/2023/4/18/23688249/goldberg-retirement-match-considering-self-promoting-farewell-tour-free-agent-wwe-aew 2) Retirement match – https://www.cagesideseats.com/2023/5/11/23719166/rumor-roundup-aew-wbd-rampage-changes-goldberg-sting-retirement-bron-breakker-call-up-wwe-morale

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