Dax Harwood Reveals The Most Difficult Matchup FTR Has Ever Had

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Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, better known as FTR, have been involved in some of the best tag team matches of the last ten years, but even they have had clashes that just didn’t click.

Harwood spoke about one match in particular that was “off” during the latest edition of his FTR podcast with Matt Koon. During the chat, Harwood revealed that FTR’s AEW tag team title matchup against Kenny Omega and Adam Page at ALL OUT 2020 was one of the most difficult the duo has ever dad due to the humidity they had to wrestle in at Daily’s Place. Check out his full thoughts on the subject below.

Says the matchup was the most difficult one they’ve ever had due to the humidity at Daily’s Place:

The match with Hangman (Adam Page) and (Kenny) Omega from that pay-per-view (AEW All Out 2020) was probably the most difficult match Cash (Wheeler) and I have ever had. We went 35 minutes I believe, between 30 and 35 minutes and as you know, by that time, we were performing at Daily’s Place and that’s an outside amphitheater, right? And we’re in the middle of Florida and it is hot as hell and humid as hell and I think the humidity that day, I’m not kidding, I think it was about 96 or 97 percent which is so thick, it makes it hard to breathe and we had to, you know — we were scheduled to go half-an-hour, maybe a little bit more than half-an-hour and that was physically the hardest match I’ve ever had. I’m not kidding when I say that Cash went blind in the match, towards the end of the match. You get oxygen deprivation. You get these spots in your eyes and he could not see. He couldn’t see anything. We got our belts after the match, we went to the back and we were getting pulled in this direction, that direction for social media and they needed pictures with us for the belts and there was an interview person that wanted some words with us and Cash, after a while, he kind of just freaked out and he said, ‘I can’t see! Give me a second.’ So even to the point when we were in the back, he was still having the effects of that. That was, physically, the hardest match I’ve ever had in my entire life because of the weather conditions and the toll that it took on my internal body and it took me four days to get over that match. It was so rough.

Says he was also unhappy with the match because he felt FTR wasn’t at their best:

The match with Hangman and Omega, I was not happy with at all. There’s a lot of things that I’m not happy with for that match behind the scenes but also, in front of the scenes too, I wasn’t happy because, one, there were no fans to judge if you’re doing the right stuff but also, we were killing ourselves out there in that humidity, in that heat and I just felt that-that wasn’t our best performance. That was the first time that we had an opportunity to show the people we’ve been right, you guys have been right.

Despite not liking their performances FTR defeated Omega and Page at ALL OUT 2020 to begin their first reign as AEW tag team champions.

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