Darby Allin’s Epic Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament Crash and Burn!

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Tonight’s episode of AEW Collision delivered an action-packed night of wrestling, featuring the semifinal matches of the Grand Slam world title eliminator tournament. The stakes were high as four top competitors battled it out for a chance to challenge MJF for the AEW world title. Let’s dive into the thrilling matchups that unfolded.

In the first semifinal match, Darby Allin faced off against Roderick Strong. Darby, already nursing an injured back, found himself at a disadvantage before the bell even rang due to a pre-match attack by Luchasaurus and Christian Cage. Despite the odds stacked against him, Darby showed incredible resilience and determination throughout the match.

However, a devastating back-breaking spot further aggravated Darby’s injury. Miraculously, he managed to survive the brutal impact and even executed a breathtaking coffin drop to the outside. But a momentary distraction caused by the drama between AR Fox and Nick Wayne allowed Roderick to capitalize and secure the victory with his finisher.

The second semifinal match showcased Penta El Zero Miedo taking on Samoa Joe. This encounter was a more straightforward affair, with Joe asserting his dominance and ultimately choking out Penta for the win. True to his signature style, Joe concluded the match with a memorable walk-away spot involving a table.

With their respective victories, Samoa Joe and Roderick Strong will clash in the final match of the tournament on next week’s Dynamite episode. The winner of this highly anticipated showdown will earn the right to challenge MJF for the AEW world title at Grand Slam.

Interestingly, this match holds added significance for Roderick Strong as Joe was the one who put him in a neck brace in a previous encounter. Now, Roddy has a chance to seek revenge and prove himself against Joe.

The anticipation is building, and the question remains: who will emerge victorious in the Grand Slam world title eliminator tournament? The outcome of the final match between Joe and Strong will determine the challenger for MJF’s coveted AEW world title. Don’t miss the electrifying conclusion!

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