Chris Jericho Unveils the Mastermind Behind His Epic Freddie Mercury Tribute at AEW All In Entrance

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Chris Jericho recently shared some insight into his memorable entrance at AEW All In, where he paid tribute to the legendary Freddie Mercury. The wrestling superstar discussed this topic on a recent episode of his popular podcast, Talk Is Jericho. During the podcast, Jericho revealed that it was fellow AEW star Ortiz who came up with the idea for the tribute, specifically suggesting the famous ‘Heyyooo’ moment from Mercury’s iconic Live Aid concert. Jericho instantly loved the idea and decided to incorporate it into his entrance.

Originally, Jericho had not planned to be on the platform for his entrance. However, while talking to Ortiz, who had come to see Jericho’s band Fozzy perform, the idea was pitched to him. Ortiz praised Jericho for his performance and then suggested the Freddie Mercury tribute. Jericho was immediately intrigued by the suggestion, recognizing it as a great idea.

Jericho further revealed that he quickly got the idea approved by his team. He approached Rich Ward, who loved the concept. Additionally, Bubba Dudley had previously suggested that Fozzy play Jericho to the ring, and Ortiz had now come up with the idea of the Freddie Mercury tribute. Jericho admitted that he did not contribute much creativity or originality to his entrance, relying on the suggestions of others.

On his podcast, Jericho also discussed his match against Will Ospreay at All In and expressed his satisfaction with how it turned out. For more details on that, you can read our article here.

This revelation from Chris Jericho provides fans with a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process behind his AEW All In entrance. It highlights the collaborative nature of professional wrestling and how ideas can come from various sources within the industry.

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