Chris Adonis Reveals Real Reason Fans Rejected Tyrus – It’s Not Politics, It’s His Lack of Movement

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Former WWE star Chris Adonis recently took to social media to share his thoughts on the NWA’s decision to push Tyrus as their world champion. Adonis, who is known for his time in WWE and as the creator of the Master-Lock, criticized the NWA for pushing Tyrus, claiming that it was not due to his right-leaning politics or appearances on Fox News, as NWA President Billy Corgan had suggested, but rather because of his lack of mobility in the ring.

In a now-deleted tweet, Adonis addressed the NWA directly, saying, “Hey @nwa, Is it ok to say now that our fans didn’t reject Tyrus due to politics or Fox News. IT WAS CAUSE HE CAN’T MOVE.” Adonis’ comments shed light on his belief that Tyrus’ inability to perform at a high level in the ring was the primary reason for fans’ lack of interest in him as champion.

Tyrus held the NWA world championship for nearly a year before dropping it to EC3 at NWA 75. Following his loss, Tyrus announced his retirement from pro-wrestling. However, he later clarified that he would still be involved with the NWA in some capacity.

Adonis, who is a former National Champion for the NWA, is no stranger to speaking his mind on social media. His tweet criticizing the NWA’s decision to push Tyrus sparked a conversation among fans and wrestling enthusiasts, with many expressing their agreement or disagreement with Adonis’ assessment.

This is not the first time that the NWA has faced criticism for their decision-making. The promotion has been under scrutiny for various reasons, including their handling of talent and their creative direction. Adonis’ comments add to the ongoing discussion surrounding the NWA and their decision to push Tyrus as their world champion.

While NWA President Billy Corgan has defended the decision, claiming that Tyrus’ right-leaning politics and appearances on Fox News played a role in fans’ rejection of him, Adonis’ comments suggest otherwise. Adonis believes that the fans’ lack of interest in Tyrus was primarily due to his lack of mobility in the ring, rather than his political affiliations or media appearances.

It remains to be seen how the NWA will respond to Adonis’ comments, if at all. As a former National Champion for the promotion, Adonis’ opinion carries weight and could potentially influence the future direction of the NWA.

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