Bryan Danielson Reveals Bold Future Plans After Dropping Bombshell About Impending Retirement!

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Bryan Danielson, also known as the American Dragon, has recently clarified his status in the world of professional wrestling. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Danielson revealed that he plans on competing in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) for another calendar year before potentially taking a step back from the ring.

During his appearance on AEW Dynamite, Danielson challenged Zack Sabre Jr. to a matchup at the October 1st Wrestle Dream pay-per-view. However, he also expressed his desire to prioritize his family, specifically his daughter, and be in good health for them.

When discussing his future in wrestling, Danielson mentioned his admiration for Terry Funk, who retired multiple times but always found himself drawn back to the sport due to his love for it. Danielson stated, “I don’t think I’ll ever reach a point where I declare I’m absolutely done. I want the ability to show up when I want to show up. Terry Funk is someone I always admired. He retired a million times, but he loved it so much he couldn’t help but keep doing it. And he did it when he wanted. For me, it might be a couple of times a year, or it might be years between matches.”

However, Danielson is also aware of the injuries he has suffered in 2023 alone, which caused him to miss significant events like AEW All In. He hopes to participate in those events next year but sees the door closing when his daughter turns seven in May.

Regarding the departure of CM Punk from AEW, Danielson expressed his understanding of how difficult it is for the promotion to lose such a valuable member of its roster. He acknowledged the impact Punk had and the void his departure leaves. You can read more about Danielson’s thoughts on CM Punk’s departure here.

As Danielson contemplates his future in wrestling, fans can anticipate his upcoming match against Zack Sabre Jr. at the Wrestle Dream pay-per-view on October 1st. It will be an exciting opportunity to witness Danielson’s skills in the ring before he potentially takes a step back from full-time competition.

For more details on Bryan Danielson’s future plans and his thoughts on CM Punk’s departure, you can read the full interview on Sports Illustrated.

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