Breaking: WWE Releases Two More Superstars, Shocking Details on Latest Roster Cuts from WWE Headquarters

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Two more WWE HQ departures have been confirmed as a part of today’s post-acquisition layoffs.

We noted earlier how the WWE Network and Podcasting divisions were hit hard today with employee cuts. Now an update from PWInsider notes that the Marketing and Live Events divisions were also hit pretty hard today as the company is restructured following Endeavor’s acquisition for the merger of WWE and UFC to form TKO Group Holdings.

Kimberly Kirkegard is another employee that was let go today. She had been working as WWE’s Brand Director. After just over 6 years with Mohegan Sun, Kirkegard was hired by WWE as a Brand Project Manager in April 2018, according to her LinkedIn page. She was promoted to the role of Brand Senior Manager in February 2020, then the role of Director in September 2022.

Saverio Brighina was also let go from the company this afternoon. He had been working as WWE’s Affiliate Marketing Manager. Brighina’s LinkedIn page shows that WWE hired him to work as their Senior Marketing Manager in 2005, and he held that role until today, for almost 19 years.

This news comes as a shock to the WWE Universe, as the company continues to make changes following the recent acquisition by Endeavor. The merger of WWE and UFC to form TKO Group Holdings has resulted in a restructuring of various divisions within the company.

Kimberly Kirkegard, who had been serving as WWE’s Brand Director, is among those who have been let go. Kirkegard’s LinkedIn page indicates that she joined WWE in April 2018 as a Brand Project Manager, after spending over 6 years at Mohegan Sun. She was later promoted to the role of Brand Senior Manager in February 2020 and then became Director in September 2022.

Another departure from WWE HQ is Saverio Brighina, who was working as WWE’s Affiliate Marketing Manager. Brighina had an impressive tenure with the company, having been hired as a Senior Marketing Manager in 2005 and holding that role for almost 19 years.

These departures highlight the significant changes taking place within WWE as they navigate the new landscape created by the merger. The company is undoubtedly looking to streamline its operations and align its resources with the goals of TKO Group Holdings.

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