AEW Rampage St. Patrick’s Day Slam Results

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If you’re reading this live, it’s almost midnight on the east coast and know that I appreciate you.

Brody King vs. Daniel Garcia
Taya Valkyrie vs. Ava Lawless
The Bollywood Boys vs. Jericho Appreciation Society
AEW TNT Championship: Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Fenix

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AEW Rampage “St. Patrick’s Day Slam”

The NCAA Men’s Basketball game ran roughly 45 minutes late, so Rampage is starting at 12:05am eastern, tonight. Excalibur, Paul Wight, and Tony Schiavone are on the call tonight.  We’re joining Rampage with both men already in the ring, so let’s get to it!

Match #1. AEW TBS Title: Powerhouse Hobbs w/ Aaron Solow & QT Marshall vs. Fenix

Fenix uses his speed to evade Hobbs and hits a springboard shoulder block, but Hobbs doesn’t budge. Hobbs now goes to the outside where Fenix meets him with a suicide dive followed by an asai moonsault. Fenix looks to continue the attack with a crossbody off the top rope but gets caught with a powerslam by Hobbs. Hobbs throws Fenix into the guard rail on the outside and waits for Fenix to get back in the ring. Hammer throw into the corner by Hobbs and Fenix is bouncing off the turnbuckles. Another. Delayed vertical suplex by Hobbs gets a two count. Fenix changes the momentum with a series of thrust kicks and a frog splash from the top! Fenix in control with a a thrust kick to the stomach and one more to the face, now looking for the rolling thunder diving flatliner, but no! Hobbs catches Fenix out of mid-air and drills him into the mat with a spinebuster! Burning Hammer and this one is over!

Winner and STILL AEW TBS Champion: Powerhouse Hobbs

Rating: ***. Quick sprint here, with Hobbs looking absolutely dominant in his first defense of the TNT Championship against a very worth opponent.

March 29th is the return of Adam Cole, and a quick preview of AEW All Access is, which debuts immediately after, is shown.

Match #2. Taya Valkyrie vs. Ava Lawless

Go behind and a mat return by Taya. Running back elbow in the corner and a corner clothesline. Lawless takes a seat in the corner and Taya hits a pair of running knees. Chops by Taya and a big spear. Road to Valhalla by Taya and this one is over.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

Rating: NR.

After the match, Smart Mark Sterling and Jade are on the stage seen taking notes.

Hook takes on Stokely Hathaway in a No DQ match this week on Dynamite, so we get clips of Matt Hardy and the Gunn Club training Big Stoke.

Match #3. Bollywood Boys vs. Angelo Parker & Matt Menard

JAS starts quickly as they attack the Bollywood Boys before the bell. Bollywood Boys get the advantage early and hit a double team elevated diving back elbow from the top rope as Parker rolls to the outside to recover. Menard attacks from behind again and the JAS are back in control. JAS work over Gurv throughout the break with frequent tags, isolating him from his partner in their half of the ring. Gurv comes over the top with a sunset flip that gets two, but Parker cuts him off. Menard in and it’s a double suplex before we go to a full commercial break. Manhattan drop and dropkick combo by the Bollywood Boys as we return from break. Drop toe hold by Menard and an elbow drop by Parker change the momentum. Double team elevated DDT by the JAS and this is over.

Winners: Angelo Parker & Matt Menard

Rating: NR. The entire match happened in the commercial break so… yeah.

Video package of Don Callis courting Konosuke Takeshita is shown, giving him a hero’s welcome at the airport in Winnipeg.


Match #4. Brody King w/ Julia Hart vs. Daniel Garcia w/ Chris Jericho

Garcia bails as soon as the bell rings and plays to the crowd. King follows and Garcia escapes. Cat and mouse here as Garcia tries to frustrate King. King rolls in the ring and Garcia dropkicks the knee. King misses a charge in the corner but still makes Garcia pay with heavy chops, sending Garcia reeling. Garcia seems enamored with Julia Hart on the outside, allowing King to take advantage with some more chops before sending Garcia into the guard rail. King seats Garcia on a chair at ringside as King charges with a crossbody and CRUSHES him in the barricade! King charges again but Garcia sidesteps and sends King face-first into the steel steps at ringside. Garcia in control now with boots to King in the corner. Broski boot by Garcia and now Garcia is salsa dancing. Drop toe hold by Garcia sends King throat-first over the middle rope as Garcia tries to choke the life out of him. Garcia tries to put the boots to King but King is up and he’s not happy. Garcia charges but walks right into a Bossman Slam. Two count. Piledriver by King! Two count. King now chopping the soul out of Garcia. Running cannonball in the corner. One, two, but Garcia gets his foot on the rope. Garcia fights off another piledriver attempt with a chop block before locking in a rear naked choke. King is fading but backs Garcia into the corner. Twice. Garcia holds on so King whips him to the ground over head. Awkward looking discus lariat by King. Ganso Bomb attempt but Garcia escapes and rolls up King for two. Garcia locks in the Walls of Jericho! King has to army crawl to the ropes and barely gets there. Behind the referee’s back, Jericho cracks King in the face with Floyd the bat! Garcia locks in the Dragon Sleeper and King is already out!

Winner: Daniel Garcia

Rating: **3/4. Absolutely stunned at the finish here, as Brody King looked like a monster in the trios title match just two days ago. Fine big guy/small guy match here with Garcia playing his part and King looking great, up until the screwjob from Jericho.

Final Thoughts: In an effort to be transparent, it’s hard to card about a show that starts at midnight eastern time that isn’t headlined by Raven and Tommy Dreamer in 1995. Top to bottom the show was decent, but nothing screamed “can’t miss”. Hobbs started his TNT Championship run with a nice win, Taya got a showcase, and Daniel Garcia upset Brody King for some reason. Not a bad show, just kind of there. 6/10. 

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