AEW Rampage 4/28/23 Results

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“Switchblade” Jay White and Bullet Club Gold aka The Bang Bang Gang make their debut on Rampage!

Ricky Starks & Shawn Spears vs. Jay White & Juice Robinson
Naturally Limitless vs. Brady Pierce & Charlie James
Anna Jay vs. Ashley D’amboise
The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass vs. Cameron Stewart, Dante Casanova, & Ryzin
Jay Lethal vs. Cash Wheeler

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AEW Rampage 4/28/23

From the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida! Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur are on the call tonight and we’re starting with the Biz Cliz!

Match #1. Ricky Starks & Shawn Spears vs. Bullet Club Gold

Bang Bang Gang is out first and Starks sprints to the ring and we’re starting with a brawl here. White and Spears pair off as White chops the chest off of him on the outside, before strangling him with a camera wire behind the ref’s back… that’s Rush’s thing. Starks and Juice are legal now as Starks lays in some heavy chops in the corner and tags Spears/ Double back elbow to Juice and a leg drop by Spears. One count. White sends a knee to the back of Spears who hits the ropes, allowing Juice to hit a jumping side kick and regain control. Back suplex by White to Spears on the apron behind the referee’s back now as Spears is in trouble on the floor. Quick tags now by the BC as White is laying in to Spears, all the while talking trash in his ear. Spears reverses a suplex and both men are down. Hot tags! Flying clothesline by Starks and a big back body drop. Back elbow to Juice and a modified exploder. White comes in to help but gets sent to the floor when a clothesline. Running elbow in the corner by Starks as Juice gets set up on the top rope. Superplex by Starks. Sky High by Spears to White! Two count, broken up by Juice. Superkick by Spears who looks for the DVD but White slips out the back and the Bladerunner out of nowhere!

Winners: Bullet Club Gold

Rating: **1/2. Fine opener here with the Bullet Club getting the win they deserve. I know a lot of people wanted Jay White to walk in to AEW and take over, but building some momentum while helping to familiarize himself with the fans.

Starks double legs White after the bell but Juice is there to save White. Starks and Juice break down into a hockey fight and Starks looks for the spear but Juice bails.

Lexi Nair is with Matt and Jeff Hardy, as well as Hook. Isiah Kassidy is missing, but Stokely lets us know that they caught Isiah lacking at Applebees. Bill and Ethan Page have Kassidy up on a scaffold and Bill threatens to choke slam him off. Page tells Matt that if he accepts the match at the compound next week, they’ll put Kassidy down. Hardy accepts, and Kassidy gets chokeslammed anyway.

Match #2. Naturally Limitless vs. Brady Pierce & Charlie James

Uppercut by Rhodes to Pierce and a giant double back body drop by Naturally Limitless. James gets the tag and eats a shoulder block. Two. Huge biel out of the corner by Lee and a double clothesline takes both men out. Lee biels Rhodes into both guys now. Rhodes sends Pierce into a pop-up Spirit Bomb and this one is over.

Winners: Naturally Limitless

Rating: NR

Swerve’s music hits and the Mogul Embassy taunt Lee and Rhodes from the ramp.

Lexi Nair is in the back with Sammy Guevara. Tay Melo ushers Lexi Nair out of the picture and scolds Sammy on his actions. Tay says young Sammy Guevara would be ashamed of the man he’s become today and he doesn’t even like MJF.

Match #3. Anna Jay vs. Ashley D’Amboise

Spinning back kick in the corner by Anna but Ashley responds with a few arm drags. D’Amboise misses a charge in the corner and Anna responds with a pendulum kick before bending her around the ring post from the outside. Reverse DDT on the knee by Anna gets a two count as we head to commercial. Back from commercial break and Anna hits a neckbreaker before locking in the Queenslayer and this one is over.

Winner: Anna Jay

Rating: *1/2. I guess…? Everything happened during the commercial break here but seems this one was all for storyline.

After the match the lights go out and Julia Hart attacks Anna from behind. Anna fights back and sends Julia into the ring post. Anna now tries to break Hart in half around the ring post but the referees finally pull her off.

The Outcasts are here and they’re all wearing shirts with the picture of Britt Baker’s black eye. Saraya says she’s going to walk Willow like a dog on Dynamite this week.

Match #4. The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass vs. Ryzin, Cameron Stewart, & Dante Casanova

Ryzin runs into an elbow from Bowens. Fameasser from Gunn to Stewart. Arrival. Mic Drop. Finito.

Winners: Acclaimed & Daddy Ass

Rating: NR

Match #5. Cash Wheeler w/ Dax Harwood vs. Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh, & Jeff Jarrett

Mark Briscoe is at ringside himself. Lethal quickly focuses on the body of Cash but Cash responds with some European uppercuts. Body slam by Lethal and a strut. Another body slam. Another strut. Kitchen sink by Lethal. Lethal looks for the Lethal Injection early but Cash flips him over and hits a dropkick. Back body drop by Cash and a clothesline that sends Lethal to the floor. Cash goes up top but Sonjay provides a distraction that allows Lethal to shove him hard off the top to the apron, and then the floor. Lethal in control through PIP with a wrist lock and some elbow drops. Abdominal stretch now by Lethal in the center of the ring. Hard hammer throw by Lethal into the corner before locking in the abdominal stretch again. Dutt looks to grab Lethal’s hand for added leverage but Mark Briscoe pulls him off the apron. Hip toss by Cash and a roll up for two. Inside cradle for another two count. Hot shot by Lethal drops Cash on the top rope. Lethal now struts his way to the top rope, looking for the elbow drop but Cash got the knees up. Monkey flip by Cash and some huge shots to the body. European uppercut and an anti-air powerslam by Cash! Tornado DDT off the middle rope by Cash gets a two count. Cash looks for a piledriver but Lethal escapes a few times and gets a cradle for two. Another piledriver attempt by Cash but the ribs are hurt and Lethal comes back with the Lethal Combination. Lethal Injection by Lethal but Cash counters with a Noshigami! One, two, but Sonjay interrupts the count. Briscoe gets on the apron to stop the interference but Lethal sends Cash into Briscoe, as Briscoe goes crashing off the apron and Cash walks right into the Lethal Injection to finish this one.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Rating: ***1/4. Solid wrestling match here. Lethal is a pro’s pro and Cash is a wildly underrated performer. Lots of shenanigans in this match and very Jarrett-esque, but with all of the guys involved here, it works. Expect a tag title match next week.

Final Thoughts: Well, the format for Rampage is simple. Strong opener, strong main event, fluff and enhancement matches in the middle. It’s sixty minutes, and it will work. This might sound crazy, but to me, Tay Melo’s promo stands out above everything else this week, as I think she delivered far and away the best promo of her career. Nice to see the momentum building for the Biz Cliz again, too. 6/10.

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