AEW Outshines NXT and Becky Lynch, Claiming Victory (For Now)

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AEW Dynamite continues to maintain its steady viewership numbers, with this week’s episode drawing in 888,000 viewers and a .31 rating in the 18-49 demographic, according to Wrestlenomics. These figures are almost identical to last week’s ratings of 887,000 viewers and a 0.31 rating. The consistency in viewership over the past five weeks, with numbers ranging from 870,000 to 890,000 viewers and a demo rating between 0.30 and 0.32, is a testament to the loyal fanbase of AEW.

However, the more intriguing ratings story this week comes from NXT, which closed the gap on AEW Dynamite with a strong showing. NXT’s viewership reached 850,000 viewers and a 0.26 rating, marking the best numbers for the Tuesday night show since 2020, as reported by Cageside Seats. While NXT couldn’t quite match Dynamite’s numbers this time, it’s clear that the competition between the two shows is heating up.

Looking back at AEW Dynamite’s viewership and ratings over the past year, it’s evident that the promotion has built a dedicated following. The show reached its peak viewership on September 14, 2022, with 1,175,000 viewers and a .39 rating. Since then, the numbers have fluctuated but have generally remained strong, indicating a consistent level of interest in AEW’s product.

As AEW prepares for its upcoming Grand Slam event at New York City’s Arthur Ashe Stadium, fans are eager to see if this highly anticipated show will have an impact on the ratings. With the stacked lineup and the buzz surrounding the event, it’s possible that Dynamite’s numbers could see a significant boost.

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With AEW Dynamite’s consistent viewership and the growing competition from NXT, the world of professional wrestling continues to be an exciting and highly competitive landscape. Fans can expect more thrilling matches and captivating storylines as these promotions vie for the top spot in the industry.

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